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Hansjürg Salathé

Chairman of the Board

Blegistrasse 3,
code 6340, Baar, Switzerland
P: +41415591499

Swiss born Salathé Hansjürg is currently holding the position of Chairman of the Board for Obsidian AG. He is regarded as one of the main strategists for various start-ups and SMEs.

With more than 30 years experience in management, Mr. Salathé benefits from technical education, smoothly combined with his experience in sales, production, constructions field, development, process improvement and process control.

His experience in start-ups clarifications and realisation proved to be one of our major assets throughout the time, as well as his proven ability to combine general management with organisational change and people.

Since being appointed our chairman, Mr. Salathé has continuously proved his strong abilities in operational efficiencies and acquisition of new customers.

Mr. Salathé is an active philanthropist with a history of supporting education, as well as culture and the arts, among other things. In both business and philanthropy, Mr. Salathé has dedicated himself to tackling big problems with transformative solutions.