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Obsidian AG is a leading player in Europe in terms of expertise in areas such as financial advisory services, including acquisitions and divestments, mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures, takeovers, spin-offs, carve-outs and de-mergers, buy-outs, buy-ins and, of course, professional evaluations.

Specifically, Obsidian AG can provide business process management, operational marketing, strategy consulting and debt restructuring, and also implementation. We’ll also add the due diligence investigation, lead the negotiation and eventually select some strategic investors.

This type of services can be applied to any type of companies, including those in financial difficulties or with financial restructuring needs.

Our expertise on the market will provide you with tailor made investment advisory, unbiased and independent. In addition, our network and experience can help us run screening and targeting processes to find new investors. Here are just a few examples of this: investor targeting, investor access, research, consultancy, perception surveys, financial market research.

Impressive track record

Not only do we offer a complete unbiased overview upon your company’s structure and workflow, but our team holds and impressive track record in asset management, private equity, companies restructuring and investment banking.

Our experience has helped us create a pool of highly valuable contacts and a wide network, where we can easily find investment targets.

Our knowledge in economy, companies and sectors leads to great deal execution and management capabilities that can steer companies to success.