Company identity

Obsidian Finance and Investment is a company operating in the fields of investments and management consulting.

With its headquarter based in Switzerland, Obsidian Finance and Investment has a profound expertise in structured private equity and venture capital. Moreover, Obsidian has the capabilities to deliver the management strategy for other companies by helping them take decisive action and achieve sustainable results.

Our company takes a long-term perspective and invests in companies at all stages of development: from founding start-ups and fostering growth in developing companies to leading complex recapitalizations or large-scale buy-outs of more mature businesses.

We take pride in aligning companies’ interests with those of investors and investments, while offering management consulting services at all stages of the process.

1.1 Our mission

We aim to build responsible partnerships. With our clients, colleagues, communities and, of course, the companies in which we invest.

We are looking to truly be in the service of the real economy.

We strive for long-term, sustainable development for our companies, with shareholder value growth.

All in one, we are constantly working on the development of our portfolio. We are actively seeking financial strength. Our operations rely on good business ethics. We vouch for transparency, we continuously improve our services and we stand for high quality, sustainability, responsibility, confidence.

1.2 Our vision

Sustainable decision-making: as a responsible company, our decisions will always rely on the lasting benefit. We will not fall for short term gains, that prove to be inconsistent. We take pride in our long-term focus.

We are not business partners. We are partners. We believe in respect, in ethics, in trust and confidence.

Act responsible. Our vision of long-term, sustainable decision making is completed by our sense of responsibility and integrity.

1.3 Our values

We stay true to our main value: acting responsible – towards our partners, clients, stakeholders, employees.

Furthermore, we are promoting sustainability throughout our portfolio companies and our operations. We are a strong believer of sustainable businesses in developing and emerging countries, following internationally recognized standards.

We are looking to meet the highest standards of integrity, transparency and professionalism.