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Obsidian Finance and Investment is a company operating in the fields of investments and management consulting. With its headquarter based in Switzerland, Obsidian Finance and Investment has a profound expertise in structured private equity and venture capital. Moreover, Obsidian has the


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Insurance and annuities

Insurance An insurance is a contract that grants financial protection to an individual. An insurance contract (represented by a policy)


We believe in a balanced risk-return approach that emphasizes on stable returns and capital preservation. Thus, our focus is on

Management consulting services

Management consulting can refer to several financial advisory services, including acquisitions and divestments, mergers, strategic alliances and joint ventures, takeovers,

Mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds shouldn’t be a difficult decision, as long as you fully understand the main principles and categories

Wealth management

Wealth management is a professional service that brings together more services for a single fixed fee. Services include financial and

Stocks and bonds

For starters, let’s break down the meaning of stocks. A small part of a company. This might be the easiest