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Our decades of experience in the financial sector and the team of insurance professionals is a guaratee for investment solutions, risk management consulting and insurance consulting as we partner with insurers globally to provide tailored investment solutions.

Investment solutions

Obsidian AG has been providing Independent and unbiased Financial Advice to clients across the Europe, completely impartial and independent, so we can create the most suitable solution for each and every client. Our sole focus is to care for, preserve and grow our clients’ wealth over the long term, we manage portfolios, generate innovative investment insights and employ them within a robust and nimble asset allocation framework.

Risk management consulting

A team of experts specializing in risk management consulting, provides companies with solutions to identify potential risks early and properly manage them. Reports and specialised counselling are essential tools for the decision-making process, from the general assessment of investments or the preparation of strategies for entry into new markets, third-party verification or compliance. Obsidian’s experts provide a wide range of solutions, analysis, management and audit, to meet the specific needs of each type of company.

Insurance consulting

Also, Obsidian AG provides professional insurance consultancy services as follows:

  • Audit of existing insurance contracts and programs, in order to optimize the insurance conditions: the degree of risk coverage, the total cost of the risk, the level of insurance premiums, etc .;
  • Risk financing programs and alternative risk transfer solutions;
  • Assistance in the bidding / selection process of an insurance broker, granting the brokerage mandate and contractual terms of collaboration with a brokerage firm, including remuneration or post-placement services;
  • Other consultancy services regarding the concluded insurance policies, the manner of carrying out the respective contracts, etc.